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No more Jul. 16th, 2004 @ 11:08 am
So we don't really live at 420 S San Pedro anymore. We moved to Tarzana so we can be closer to work (Fuck the 110, 5, 134, 101, 118 and 405 freeways). As such, this blog is closing down. Maybe I'll start a new one?

Oh yeah, piss on LTL


Last night; this weekend May. 28th, 2004 @ 11:13 am
We stopped by Gelson's on the way home to buy V's Gramma some cookies for her birthday. While Vanessa was getting them, I took a stroll to find us something for dinner... Not 100 feet away, I found packages of fresh chicken breast marinating in lemon and pepper. They even included a few slices of lemon and some parsley in each one! I picked up a few, taking note of the "expiration" dates on the bottom until I found one expiring in the future.

I figured I'd make some fettucini alfredo to go with the chicken, but knew we'd needesomething (better than cola or milk) to drink.. So I went over to the wine area, where I found a good looking bottle of Gewurtzaminer to purchase. Vanessa met up with me and we left; dropped off the cookies and drove home.

When we got home I cooked the pasta and the chicken. I lit some incense and a candle and cleaned off the little table. I put on some Live365 Chillout2NewYork (downbeat) and turned down the lights, and we had a fantasticly romantic dinner. After we finished the bottle of wine we retired to the bedroom, where we had incredible sex.

Vanessa passed out, so I left to configure Peachtree accounting software on my computer to keep track of my new-found business prospects. A friend called so I went outside to smoke a clove and talk without disturbing Vanessa... Eventually I came to bed, only to be strangely awoken at 3am -- at which point V and I had a conversation about a few things...

We got up today at 7am to pack our bags for the weekend. We're flying to Sacramento today at 2pm from Burbank, then driving to my Aunt + Uncle's house in Cloverdale for my Uncle's birthday party on Saturday. They aren't too far from the ocean, so maybe on Sunday we'll go for a drive or something... We stay there until Monday, when we come back.

Have a good weekend everyone!
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Rant about DHS and Al-Jazeera May. 28th, 2004 @ 10:51 am
"WASHINGTON -- FBI and Justice Department officials yesterday defended their decision to warn the public about the potential for a devastating terrorist attack on America this summer, saying it was justified by intelligence and essential to avoid missteps that occurred before the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks."

-- [snip] --

See before September 11, there were no "terror alerts". That's what the "mistep" was -- so what's their solution? To cry wolf as often as possible, so that when something enevitably does happen, they can always point back a few months and say "We told you so".

I think the terror alerts are bogus, and every time I hear a media correspondent telling me that there is a significant risk of something happening I think of the story of the boy who cried wolf.

Furthermore, the DHS -- Department of Homeland Security -- was created not to protect the public's safety. It was formed to create thousands of government jobs, with billions of dollars in taxpayer funding.

The problem is that every time Bin Laden makes a videotape declaring a holy war on America, that video mysteriously makes it to Al-Jazeera headquarters where it's streamed to millions of viewers and listeners around the world (of which, a small percentage are influenced by this message). Al-Jazeera is part of the problem, not part of the solution. If an American (individual or organization) were to make videotapes declaring war on, say France, those tapes would never be aired on TV. In fact, those responsible for making the tapes would soon be captured, and probably tried for a variety of crimes... Or better yet, they might take an infinite trip to Guantanamo.

Fuck Al-Jazeera and fuck DHS. They are one and the same -- using the media to incite the public against one another.

-- [snip] --

A Homeland Security Department spokesman, Brian Roehrkasse, reiterated yesterday that his agency has not seen any change in the ''steady stream of threat reporting."

''We do not have any new intelligence or specific information about Al Qaeda planning an attack," he said.

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update May. 19th, 2004 @ 10:24 am
We made "Cilantro Burgers" at Jason's house yesterday... We chopped up a bunch of cilantro and mixed it with the hamburger before BBQing them. While they were cooking we made a bunch of guacamole, and used it on the burgers. I think they turned out great & would eat a Cilantro+guacamole burger any day of the week.

I found this site: 101 Burger Ideas that had a few similar hamburgers, but none exactly the way we made them.

I finished both my books. A Separate Reality ends in an abrupt manner; I want to read Carlos Cantaneda's other books to find out what else he learned from don Juan.

No more bong loads before bed.

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6 de Mayo May. 6th, 2004 @ 09:23 am
It happened again! Last night at Tommy's I ordered a #3, which is supposedly a hamburger, fries and a drink. Vanessa got a plain hamburger (like always) and Victor ordered chili cheese fries. Lilly got a chili cheese burger, sans tomato. When we got home and looked at the food, we got Vanessa's and Victors, then 2 chili burgers BOTH with tomatos!

Just yesterday I went to Fosters for lunch and ordered a Special (hb, fries, drink) with a chocolate shake. They gave me chili cheese fries and a chili dog instead of my hamburger... I don't even like chili cheese fries or burgers that much :(

I "cracked" Icode's weak ass encryption yesterday. Here's a (pretty simple) brain puzzle for you:

38AD47AA2B4F747A5BA764C1 ==> "Nutech Digit"

I just don't understand the key they're using:
22, -56, 13, -69, 56, 25, -85, -54
14, -64, 5, -77, 48, 17, -92, -62

It is obviously going in a few patterns: first off +, -, +, -, +, +, -, -. Next when you stack the rows you can see the digits decrease by 8, but apparently this is only true of the first two rows. Since I only have the key figured out to 15 characters, I don't know what the 3rd line starts with (which would probably solve the algorithm for the rest of the key).

Anyways I wrote a little app to decrypt any encrypted icode everest password or credit card number, etc.
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» 240sx Pics
So a little while back I took a few photos of my POS 240sx. If you want, check em out here:

Cricky-crick bitch
» mmm
On Saturday we went and looked at a few houses in the valley to potentially rent. There were a couple I wouldn't mind living in (garage, yard, etc), but we'll see.

We hung out with Gabe and Nicole yesterday. Gabe and I played with Reason on his computer for a while then we all went up to the store for some beer. When we got back we drank some and made more music, then Noah showed up with some herb. We baked and the quality of the music improved :). We got hungry and drove to Toi on Sunset -- where we actually had decent service for a change.

Fucking Flip's on Sepulveda wants $370 to install (2) new front rotors, new front pads, turn the rear drums and install rear pads on Vanessa's car! That's absurd, I am going to call around and fid a better price somewhere else...
» well
I guess the good news is that I got my hat back from Gabe last nite. He's pretty proficient in Reason; he makes it look so GD easy that you wonder why you can't just do the same. I told him we'll make some cell phone tones to distribute.

... Stuff happened...

It's windy here in Van Nuys today. Damn Santa Ana.
» Happy 420!
Happy 4-20 everyone!!!

Last night I got home at 7:00 and got into bed for a "nap". I was supposed to talk to Noah at 8:30 regarding 4-20 preparations, however, I passed the fuck out and didn't awak until 8:00am this morning! 13 hours sleep, YES!!

I think my HP Audio hat is at Gabe+Nicole's?

I'm workin on a new Hentai site for Nutech:

Oh yeah I'm reading 2 kick-ass books, 1 curtousy of Jason and the other from my neighbor Nick:

A Separate Reality


Cosmos by Carl Sagan

I highly suggest that anyone whose interested in why we're here or what's out there read both these books. You know you're very very insignificant, right?
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